How Healthy And PEtty Effective And Safe

Already diligent exercise and proper diet, but the body is still tired, easily hurt, a lot of accumulation of fat and wrinkles on the face? Be careful, it could be the levels of human growth hormone (HGH) decreases. Dr. Deby Susanti Vinski, a specialist anti-aging, and beauty of Perfect Beauty Aesthetics & Anti-Aging Center explains, HGH or growth hormone somatropin is produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. Functions for the growth of cells, height, and repair of body tissues. Growth hormone (GH) itself affects so many important cell and tissue in the body. No wonder when this hormone in the body decreases, then all the symptoms of aging begin to emerge as the accumulation of fat in the arms, waist, stomach and thighs. GH itself naturally began to decline at the age of 25 years. A dwindling 14% every 10 years. You can imagine when you have trod the age of 60 years, the amount of GH just half. This is what causes in this age range with various health problems easily arise. Especially in people suffering from premature aging.

So what should be done when these symptoms began? “Undergoing a combination of hormone therapy and mesotherapy,” advises Dr. Deby. This combination therapy is done by injection in the area of ??fat to be removed, for example, arms, hips, abdomen and waist. While HGH injections performed by diagrams made by the physician. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism research, obese people who were given HGH injections within 6 months will experience a significant weight loss. Even the risk of stroke, diabetes, and blood cholesterol levels, too reduced. In this way, said Dr. Deby, is safe and effective when performed in accordance anti-aging medical protocols that scientific and evidence based. The doses used were a lower dose (physiology), the body needs and not excessive. While hormone therapy is used for the natural hormone with a structure identical to the human hormone (human bio-identical hormone).